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We are a company based in Viana do Castelo which began in 1985 with the boat lines. We created this way an alternative to crossing the Rio Lima, specifically between the Viana center and Cabedelo Beach. In 1987, with the acquisition of two new vessels, we extend our business to the river tours. These tours they summarized a distance of 3 hours upstream. Currently we itineraries with a shorter duration (40 minutes and 1h30). These tours is evidenced, apart from relaxing moment and scenic beauty, the pedagogical character that made over the years we worked with hundreds of schools and with the most diverse social institutions.

Who We Are

River Trip on River Lima: Trips on River Lima with daily departures from 10:30am, wich enable you to enjoy the scenic beauty of this area. Participants: minimum 2, maximum 88 for 40min. trips; and minimum 6, maximum 88 for 90min. trips. Duration: 40min. or 90min.

40min = 7.5€ Adults | 4€ = Children
90min = 12€ Adults | 6.5€ Children
Lethes Cruises on River Lima: Boat trip on River Lima recounting the mythical and legendary history of the forgotten river (River Lethes), with vinho verde wine tasting on board, tasting of the regional produce and musical entertainment. The visit begins at Praça da Liberdade, passing the Eiffel and new bridges, the hospital ship Gil Eanes, Castelo de Viana castle(Roqueta Tower), dock yards and Cabedelo beach. Participants: minimum 10. Duration: 40min. or 90min.

40min = 12.5€ Adults | 5€ = Children
90min = 19.5€ Adults | 8€ Children
Trip offering fantastic views of Viana do Castelo and some of its iconic buildings and tasting of a vinho verde as fresh as the region itself.
Lethes Cruises on River Lima: Crew consisting of 3 local traffic masters, 5 sailors of 2nd local traffic class 1 engineer 3rd class and a machinist helper, one musician, one guide, one or more waiters.
River Trip on River Lima: Tourism Technician and boat crew (provide by the Brothers Portela Lda.).

Our specialties

Travessias Fluviais 100
Passeios Fluviais 100
Eventos Náuticos 90

Meet our team

Orlando Portela
Orlando Portela
Arrais fishing since 2001
Motors driving license up to 250 Kw since 2004
2nd Class since 2012 Mariner
Vitor Portela
Vitor PortelaManaging Partner
Sailor Traffic Location 2nd Class since 1988
Local Traffic Master since 1992
Motors driving license up to 250 Kw since 2004
Motors driving license up to 350 Kw since 2009