The company that makes the crossing of the river Lima, in Viana, an increase of about 30% of passengers after the close of the Eiffel bridge June 1 said on Monday, Lusa owner.

“Until June 1 we were carrying about 50 people per day. Thereafter we started to carry close to 70 are particularly residents of the Left Bank who see this service the main alternative, “he told Lusa, Victor Portela.

The road deck of the centennial crossing closed to traffic on June 1, for floor replacement. The operation of the responsibility of Refer, which manages that structure (used on the top floor by pedestrians and light vehicles and heavy bottom plate by trains), will take place “within a maximum of one month.” During this period is “only allowed the passage of pedestrians, bicycles with or without engine, by hand, for the ride” added the Refer, which manages the national rail network.

The company responsible for river service on the river Lima since 1985 decided to increase the number of “careers”, between the city and the Cabedelo and vice versa, to meet passenger requests. “From May 16 to June 1 did eight rows (round trip). Since the bridge closed we started to make 11 in both directions, “he said.

In 2007, when the bridge closed for almost two years to profound works, the company strengthened the links to take over as transportation alternatives.

Currently the links between the two shores are provided between 08:00 and 20:00. Previously the time was in force from 10:00 until 19:00.

According to Victor Portela residents on the left bank of the river consider this service “a good alternative” to avoid “giving such a big back” through the new bridge. “Our monthly pass costs 28 euros. Turns out to compensate for those who have to make this journey several times a day, “he claimed the businessman.

Angela Morais, trader at Viana and resident in Cabedelo for more than two decades already using river transport but “occasionally”. Since the old Eiffel ended he began to cross the ferry company in Lima Brothers Portela. “There are times that suit you my professional activity. Compensates financially and is also quieter and less ‘stressful’, “he explained the businesswoman of 56 years. Contacted by Lusa source of Refer said today that the work “is proceeding on schedule.”

Earlier the same source had explained to Lusa not be possible to maintain one of the lanes. “To ensure that the application of the new floor system takes place in the best conditions – ensuring the absence of joints than those of own modules and minimizing the amount of dust in the air at the work zones – is an essential requirement to ban the bridge deck road traffic throughout the period of execution of the repair. ” This prohibition, he added, “is also required in order to be guaranteed and safeguarded the security of persons and property”.

In 2007, the bridge received a great rehabilitative care, for nearly two years that cost 15 million euros. Since that problems persist in road floor.

Source: Agência Lusa